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  Reporting iSpace reflects use of space, not allocations assigned by the Provost
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iSpace Reports (These links will take you to the Advanced Search Page where you enter your search criteria. On the Search Result page, you may then choose one of these report options.)
Search Result The Screen Report Excel button downloads the seven columns of data (Q-B-F-R, Building Name, Dept Code, Department Name, Rm Type, SQFT, and PI Name) for the entire search result.
FY Room Detail Walking Report. Report provides time period detail with use percentages for rooms in search results grouped into one section for only time periods existing during the searched fiscal year. Does not include any time periods outside of the searched fiscal year.
Alternate Room Detail Report provides time period detail with use percentages for rooms in search result grouped into two sections. All current time periods above and searched previous time periods below. Rooms will be duplicated if current time period starts after the searched fiscal year.
Certification Report (PDF) The Certification Report is run annually by each department or business unit after all room updates have been made for the most recently closed Fiscal Year. A copy of the report is printed out and signed by the Business Manager and kept as a record of their Space Certification.

Stanford OBI Space Reports 
Download Report - (Production Data) The Download Report provides detailed information at the room level for occupancy and use. The data may be retrieved by Department, Building, Primary Individual, or a combination of these criteria for a selected date range or a single day.
Download Shared Data - (Production Data) The Download Report Shared Data is identical to the Download Report except that it includes information on any space shared with the targeted search criteria.
Primary Individual Report (Production) The Primary Individual (PI) Report provides space information by Primary Individual. The data is retrieved by Primary Individual Name within a date range.
Primary Individual - Shared Data (Production) The Primary Individual (PI) Report- Shared Data is identical to the Primary Individual (PI) Report except that it includes information on PIs that share space with the targeted search criteria.
Please Note: Brio reports are refreshed twice-daily. Reports may be unavailable for up to 5 minutes around 12:30pm and 11pm

Maps and Records Resources
Your Building (Facts and Floorplans)Stanford's building information portal.
Space DataA resource for campus addresses and other building lists.

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