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iSpace is a record of occupancy that tracks the use of space, not allocations as assigned by the Provost.

iSpace is the official inventory of buildings, rooms and square footage occupied by Stanford University and the Stanford Hospital and Clinics.  The primary function of iSpace is to provide space inventory and utilization information for these facilities. It is used for a variety of purposes, including indirect cost analysis, facilities planning and departmental tracking of space use. Space Coordinators are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of space utilization data presented here.

Allocations of space to schools and departments are managed by the Capital Planning and Space Management department in coordination with the Provost.  More details on the space allocation process can be found at

Access to iSpace with Authority Manager

View access to iSpace is restricted to authorized individuals having the "Space user" role in Authority Manager. Write access for space coordinators is authorized by iSpace support.

If you would like to view the data in iSpace, authority will need to be delegated to you within your respective oragnizations. You will also be required to sign the confidentiality agreement in STARS. We encourage you to work with your Department managers and iSpace support to be granted this privilege in Authority Manager.

Deans/VPs of organizations across the University have been granted authority to the "Space user" role. They in turn have the ability to delegate to others to be responsible for further granting of access rights within each school. Detailed instructions and lists of past users in each organization were sent to the Deans and VPs on Feb 13, 2007.

We anticipate some Deans and VP's would prefer to delegate responsibility to an Associate Dean or others to be responsible for this process. iSpace support can assign authority to the UMG-level or other management within the organization who might be responsible for this iSpace User role if either of the below criteria is met:

- On receipt of express instructions from a Dean or VP.
- If we receive an email trail that includes the Dean/VP's correspondence and indicates the Dean/VP's delegation of the task to an individual.

Instructions For Granting Authority

After choosing GRANT Authority from
Step1: Search for a person
Step2: Business Function: Space Management: iSpace
Step3: Organization (Department or Subdepartment)
Step4: Privilege: Space User
Step5: Within these limits: default or effective date, (and)
Ability to grant further: CAN/cannot

A Job Aid for granting Authority is available at:

Instructions For Signing the Confidentiality Agreement in STARS

Screenshots and instructions - Click here.
Video module showing process - Click here.
View the iSpace Confidentiality Agreement - Click here.

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